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  • 28/06/2012

Global Brewing Industry Highlights Commitment to Responsibility

This new website launched by the Worldwide Brewing Alliance (WBA) shows how deeply engaged the global brewing industry is in working  to help reduce harmful and illegal use of alcohol.  Members of the brewing industry worldwide share a dedication to preventing underage drinking, drunk driving and other irresponsible consumption of beer.

“Brewers all over the world are always working to improve their local communities by supporting and sponsoring specific programs to reduce excessive and illegal alcohol consumption. Most beer is enjoyed responsibly, and brewers are working to eliminate those instances when it is not,” said Liz Tobin, Chair of the WBA.  “For centuries, brewers have been partners in local communities. We have a strong record of responsibility. That includes adapting new tools, like the website launched today, to engage and inform on our efforts.”

The website – – offers a platform for a wide variety of interested parties to learn about the alcohol responsibility efforts of the global brewing industry.  It provides detailed information about hundreds of brewer-supported responsibility initiatives around the world, building upon similar printed compilations produced in 2007 and 2003.  The 2012 digital version allows users to search by several criteria and create customized reports based on the queries.

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