Corporate Social Responsibility

Key dates

  • Started on 16/02/2017
  • Last updated on 24/02/2017
  • Status: ongoing


  • United Kingdom

Funding bodies

Type of initiative

  • Encouraging responsible or moderate consumption

Description & results

Charles Wells is committed to doing everything possible to work with the wider industry to deliver the initiatives that promote safer drinking messages to drinkers, customers, consumers and other stakeholders.

All beer labeling is now compliant with required standards, subject to exhausting stocks of existing packaging with processes updated to ensure that all new beers or packaged variants will automatically carry the appropriate information.

Support for corporate social responsibility initiatives continues with financial, and in-kind, support for Drinkaware.  Details of the Drinkaware website and associated support mechanisms are included on point of sale and advertising.

In addition, the company has an open and ongoing dialogue with the Portman Group and seeks their help and guidance when developing brand communications and promotions.  Where appropriate, advice is also sought from other relevant organisations such as Clearcast in the development of TV advertising.

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