Environmental Responsibility

Key dates

  • Started on 16/02/2017
  • Last updated on 24/02/2017
  • Status: ongoing


  • United Kingdom

Funding bodies

Type of initiative

  • Community Initiatives (not directed at reducing alcohol related harm)

Description & results

Shepherd Neame is very proud of the standards it achieves for environmental management in activities such as water supply, raw materials handling, pollution control, waste management and recycling. The following achievements are testament to our efforts:

We have installed a water recovery plant that has enabled the recovery and reuse of a proportion of our waste water into other processes and materially reduced our water consumption.

We were the first UK brewery to attain full accreditation for ISO 14001, an environmental benchmark of international repute.

We were also the first UK brewery to be awarded a Feed Materials Assurance Scheme certificate, which guarantees the quality and traceability of the brewery’s spent malt and yeast for agricultural feed.

For the brewing process, we audit environmental policies and procedures of all major suppliers. Of our malt supply, 98% is sourced from the UK and more than 80% of hops for our own beer are sourced from Kent. All spent produce is used as animal feed and we recycle 97% of the grain and hops used.

Our packaging materials are 100% recyclable and our waste is separated into recyclable elements. All of our waste oil in managed pubs and the brewery is collected and converted back into biofuel.

The brewery’s bottling hall was opened in June 2009. It has enabled us to reduce our energy and water consumption, particularly by switching from tunnel pasteurisation to flash pasteurisation.

We have met the ESOS requirements within the statutory time period. Over the past decade we have reduced our energy consumption in the bottling hall by 27%.

The brewery uses exclusively lightweight glass for its bottled beers, resulting in a saving of 20% in glass usage.

The recent upgrade to our glycol and storage and distribution system will reduce power consumption during the production process.

As part of our capital refurbishment programme we install LED lighting where appropriate, and have a rolling programme to retrofit LED into our managed estate.

We are also continuing to install waterless urinal systems across our managed estate and looking at voltage optimisation opportunities.

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